Prevent Bugs From Eating Their Way Through Your Investment

Prevent Bugs From Eating Their Way Through Your Investment

Trust a reliable pest exterminator in Lincoln, NE, to stop an infestation

Stop pests from taking over your property with new construction services from Bugeaters Pest Control, LLC. We’re the extermination company to call when you want to make sure your space is bug free before you move in.

Our exterminator will come to your property three times during construction to:

  • Spray the soil
  • Spray the exterior
  • Spray the framing
  • Inspect for termites
  • Lifetime Warranty

Keep your family protected from harmful insects. Save your investment from destructive termites. Bugeaters Pest Control, LLC in Lincoln, NE, is your smart choice for effective services and top-notch customer care.

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Give your pests the old heave-ho

You don’t want to share your residential or commercial property with pesky insects. Fortunately, Bugeaters Pest Control, LLC is home to the skilled exterminator who can eliminate your insect problem once and for all.

Besides new construction extermination services, we install TAP Control Insulation and offer a 90-day general pest control plan.
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